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yay! for my happy scalp [17 Apr 2003|01:54am]
[ mood | eh periodness ]

i got the most awesome natural tea tree oil spray from *Whole Foods Market* yesterday.... it is called *Relief Spray* and it is by *Desert Essence*.... i saw it and i fig'd *why not?*, ANYTHING to soothe my unhappy itchy scalp! *grins* and it works lovely!... now i just need to get my roots to dread moreso; now what was the secret/trick to doing that?... ~*thanx & peace*~

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we come alive in pictures [17 Apr 2003|02:21pm]
see our knottysCollapse )
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[17 Apr 2003|08:25pm]
I dyed 1/3 of my dreads red, 1/3 of them orange, and 1/3 of them yellow. I put the dye on each one, wrapped each in foil while they were dying, and when I took the foil off, the contrast between the coolers was awesome. Then I washed them and all the dye mixed, so now I have dark orange dreads, meadium orange dreads, and light orange dreads. Oh well, they still look pretty cool I think.
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