April 20th, 2003

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Sorry to drag this topic out longer than most people will need it, but I'm SLOW.

I want to post pictures in this community, and I've uploaded pics on a couple different sights (printroom.com, photoisland.com...) But I can't make it so there's an actual link to the picture I can put in a code to post. All I can get is the picure IN the photo album, not just by itself with no other crap around it.


hey everyone!

hey i just joined so i through i'd post some pictures.....

I've only had my dreads about a week but i love them already :) I think i'm in the minority as to how i got my dreads! I had wrapped wool/yarn extensions in for 6 months and i kept re-wrapping the roots of them to keep them looking nice, so the hair underneath was being held together nice and tight. When i went to take them out i was going to detangle all the dreads but they held together so nicely that i decided to leave them in!

I just dreaded the tips of my hair that wasn't naturally dreaded allready using the twist and rip method, and a bit of wax.

Then i got bored of my hair in about a day so i bleached it and dyed it red RWAR!

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