April 21st, 2003

just another lame ass question

I'm just curious about what to do when cutting dreads. Not cutting them off, more trimming them. I figure I don't want long dreads and they're getting a bit too long for my liking, so I was wondering is it safe to chop off the ends without them unknotting, or would it be wiser to put elastics on or what?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any advice.
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Howdy Kids

im new to this LJ community but not new to having dreads :)
i have had dreads 3 times since 1995 . cutting them off twice for various reasons and i've dreaded them using different methods everytime ,which has given me a good idea of what i like best/what works best for me..
For me , having dreads isn't about being "cool". i think they are beautiful and for whatever reason i feel naked when i don't have locks . also my locks are a outward symbol that i am set apart from the norm and the order of this wicked system and say i belong to the most high GOD : father, son ,& holy spirit .. dreads promote a roots state of mind . a natural way of thinking .. but at the heart of it all : i just love locks so i have them :)
my current batch is about 1 year and 10 months old ..
so with all that said : here's my hair :)
God Bless!!

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Question #1...many more to come!

I plan on getting dreadlocks this coming weekend. Any before-dreading tips? ie, should I not wash my hair from now until the day I get them done so as to "wean" my hair away from daily washings?

I'm getting them done "professionally" (yeahyeah, I'm too lazy to do them myself, and I feel bad about bugging my friends to help me)...so I don't need any actually dreading tips. just care tips.
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