April 28th, 2003

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woo i love earth day!! there was a big earth dar thingy this weekend in san diego and i got some beads! i could only find these fat wooden beads tho so im wondering for the people who have beads in their hair

is wood ok?
do you wash your hair with them in
how can i keep them in if the bead is a lil too big?
and where do you usualy get your beads(so i dont have to wait another year hehe)

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crazy back dreads

okay, so the dreads in the back of my head aren't really complete dreads...

they're doing just fine at the point in my hair when i initially dreaded, but before this point (closer to my head) the back of my head is simply one huge clump of dread. it feels cool and i can separate it if i want to (i tried it with a couple dreads and they turned out nicely with a real funky shape) but i'm wondering - if i just let it go, will i eventually have one huge rope coming out the back of my head? or should i separate them before it's too late and people try to climb up my hair?
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