April 29th, 2003

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hey, i've had dreads for about four years now, they are all pretty much a little past chin length. i've had a more occuring problem of my dreads thinning out a bit and alot of loose string hairs popping up. i know, more than likely it is already far too late, but would it be possible to start trying to combine two dreads into one larger one? i was messing around with it a bit tonight, i was wondering if anyone might have any expierience with this. but like i said, i fear it's already too late. sorry if this is going all over, i'm pretty baked.
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so i posted pictures of my hottie friend Lonnie whose dreads I did a couple months ago...

well they are still pretty loose at the roots and are starting to come unraveled at the ends... so time for me to work on them.. alot!

Any suggestions so he doesnt end up with lumpy ass dreadies?

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Usefult things to do with Dreadwax

I don't like dreadwax. but i think, that you can do some useful things with dreadwax. for example: make a candle.

here are some photos of my dreadheadhq-beeswax candle.

(kids: don't do this at home)
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