May 3rd, 2003


any tips on this?

YAY! it is week 3 of my newbie dreads & they are coming together nicely.... i have been washing them once a week & it is really exciting to see how they kinda come apart when i get outta the shower, then i dry em off and twist dry em & then in a coupla hours they are nice and tight and lookin' rad! welp anyways, everything is awesome except for the fact that i have mad dandruff.... sorry if this is TMI but i don't know what to do because i am not supposed to use shampoo of any kind right? i have been using the dread-soap-bar that i got in my kit & Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree soap, but my scalp doesn't seem to be liking this too much.... it is drying it out soooo much & this is really bad becoz i usually have an extremely dry scalp & cannot use regular shampoo, only dandruff shampoo to keep it under control.... i dunno what to do? any suggestions PLEASE! i feel like a snowstorm is going on, on top of my head! yikes!
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