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[09 May 2003|03:02pm]
Hello my friends

i need your advice for this one, im currently broke and can't buy dreadhead HQ shampoo (which helped me get rid of my flakes) but anyway i was wondering about the tea tree shampoo from the body shop...would that work well for my dreads? Or how about the original mint source shampoo?

Thank you!
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ok.. [09 May 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

i'm cutting them off.

i'm still going to stick around in this community though...i love dreads, my husband has dreads, and i know i will have them again. =)

(fyi: i am going to be able to comb out several inches of hair, even though i've had my dreads for nearly 3 years. i've been tightening the roots with the crochet method, as described on knottyboy.com. i thought it was working great...my roots were tight...but then someone mentioned that dreadheadhq.com says that your hair never really dreads that way. i checked, and it's true. so i'm snipping off the bottom parts of each dread at the spot where i started crocheting, and combing out from there. )

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[09 May 2003|07:24pm]
I just cut them...All of them.. gone..

which is weird cause noaccident just posted she was doing the same.

Rexy is looking at my head and trying to climb up it, cause i made her stop when the dreads are in.

i am short and spikey.
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