May 10th, 2003

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Today, my dreads have been REALLY pissing me off, they are too damn oily and curly. The tips are un-dreading and are just turning into curly locks. NOT to mention that my sideburns and back arent dreading at all. Any one have any experience with this stuff? (these dreads are 5 months old)


this has obviously been alot of you people's week of disguarding of the locks..
it makes me sad but i totally understand also . i have had locks 3 times , this time included and sometimes i get that "must cut" urge!
im so curious to see before and after photo's - please post!!
when that "AWW SHIT , what did i do!!?? " feeling sets in just remember why you needed to do it and when you get homesick for your natties , just stick to your guns and don't beat the hell outta yer self .. and try not to drool over all the kids still wearing their locks ..
i had to fight all these things when i was "lockless" .. so just sending you lovin! and enjoy the right where you are of it all..
Praises to the most High!
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