May 12th, 2003


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I have a question:
its mine and my boyfriend's one month anniversary on thursday, and he is taking me out to a really fancy italian restaurant. Needless to say, i am not a fancy dresser most of the time.
The clothes aren't that big of a deal, but my hair is. I don't think nappy dreads are looked highly upon at those kind of places.
does anyone have any suggestions? My hair is about shoulder lenght (i can put it in two pigtails) and kinda brownish, just over two months old.

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(copied from my journal)

What a weird, long, blah sort of day. Today I felt so disconnected from everyone. I think the only real conversations I had with anyone were with Leigh Ann during government, and Ben during 7th period. The rest of the day I just sort of floated through. Oh, and something weird's happening with my hair, guys. I'm starting to go all the way. I've added a few dreads (backcombed) and another braid in back. I'm not following any real pattern here, I'm just randomly doing things to random pieces of it. Every day I do something else, working my way from the front to the back. Some people approve, some people don't. And I don't care anymore. I just don't care about my hair, which is weird considering how much time I waste aggravating over it. I've never really been happy with my hair. It's curly, it's thick, it's fuzzy. it's unique, it's eclectic, it defies race, and it's a pain in my ass. Some days I adore it. other days I long to shave it off and not have to think about it. This dreadlock phase ... I mean ... I love dreads. I really do. I'm looking forward to having them, and I love the ones I already do have. But I can already see myself chopping them off in a few years. When I got my hair chopped off in the beginning of high school, it was a real turning point for me, a way of expelling the last bit of my long lonely post-cliff accident summer of recovery. (I rarely think or talk about that summer, but looking back on it... it really had a huge impact on me) It seems like making drastic changes in my hair is a way of reconnecting with myself, a way to prove that the heart of me won't change no matter what, and it's possible for me to adopt a completely new outside without changing my inside. I chopped it off when I started high school, and spent the last few years growing it back. Now it's long again, and I'm dreading it up as I approach graduation. And I'll probably cut them off later in college, yet another way to reclaim my identity. It's weird. I never really realized my relationship with my hair until I thought about it just now.
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ok so im graduating in like 6 or 7 days. once i do that i can dread my hair. i know this girl who is good with hair and will be able to dread my hair (once i explane really well how to do them and do one in the front to show her) so now i want everyones advice on what to do. see id love to go all natural but i want my hair to atleast look like dreads right off the bat, i mean a friend of mine got knotty boy and even though its not locked up yet its still dreads you know. i think my hair is good for going natural though. anyway, i really dont wanna order a kit. i plan to get some dr bonners, but im not sure what to get for the wax. i mean i guess reguler beeswax would be fine right, but then again id reather get some stuff made spacificly for dreads. so everyone let me know what you guys think cuz i wanna do this right. oh yeah, my hair is about 6 inches in the front adn about 5 everywhere else. so everyone let me know ok...