May 20th, 2003

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shake yo bootie :)

oh! i must say the new layout colors and all are great!! it's so fresh looking:)
thanks for the new look ..
anyhow here's me and my crop . their birthday is coming up soon - they will be two yrs :)
and alot of you have mentioned the stray hairs on top driving you crazy with your locks - as you see i have my own batch of those but i decided to like them :)
i like alittle bit of lose hair .. if it wanted to get into a lock it would :)
blessings!! to all you beautiful people!!

some MO?
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oil baby , yeah!

a hint if you need it :)

:::if using the small middle oil type - dilute with water or a carrier oil :::
one of the biggest misunderstandings about locks i had and i see others have is they think the should let their locks get really dry and crispy . but that is actually what causes alot of breakage and fryed roots and ends exspecially with us white folk :) use some kynd oil instead of beeswax to help them lock up . you'll be feeding your knattys , preventing mold , and not creating a yucking goopy mess on the inside of your locks and oil helps you to pick lit out of your locks too :) by making them more plyable ..
so love your locks!! put some yummy oils in them ! maybe not much at first.. oil lighty but when they are into being months old and forming well - oil your hands up and love those roots ,your shalp and the length of the lock and you will see a sheen and they will feel so good to touch and good to smell :) . i use lavender the most - it removes stinky smells , tackles the itches , relaxes you , and is a cleanse for the sweet babies :)
but also good : hemp seed oil -for your scalp , sorta penutty smelling. keep it chilled. tea tree oil and water mixed - awesome for scalp , keeps bugs away . and blends are great i make a phat blend and have a few a bought for dessert essence but lavender is my top choice :)
just try not to douse your head in it ! you want nice locks - not a jerry curl -LOL!!
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bits of history

beyond vanity-
Dreadlocks are more than just a symbolic statement of disregard for physical
appearance. Both Eastern and Western Traditions hold that bodily, mental and
spiritual energies mainly exit the body through the top of the head and the
hair. If the hair is knotted, they believe, the energy remains within the
hair and the body, keeping a person more strong and healthy.

Dreadlocks have taken on, in addition to their original religious and
spiritual significance, a potent social symbolism as well. Today, Dreadlocks
signify spiritual intent, natural and supernatural powers, and are a
statement of non-violent non-conformity, communalism and socialistic values,
and solidarity with less fortunate or oppressed minorities.

And there is a gene named 'dreadlocks'