May 22nd, 2003

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hey everyone, hope you all are wonderful. im new.

and seeing as i have absolutely no money what so ever, i am trying to get my dreads together in the least expensive way, i used lambswool 2 weeks ago to get them started and i just rub in circles, than a little bit of backcombing and the other day i mixed some lavender essence in warm water and rubbed it over them
if you have any suggestions for me as to what i can do naturally for my hair please leave a comment
my gratitude in advance xoxoxo.


how do i get the dye outta my dredies? i would 'prefer' a natural way (without chemicals), so if anyone knows of any tricks i would appreciate it! i want to get my hair as natural as possible.
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//i miss em//

::pouts:: The first time I did dreads I have long hair, and I only had them in for 3 days and took em out. Then when I had short hair, I did them last Thanksgiving, for two months, then I combed them out...

I always have this random pattern where I really want them, really really bad, this unexplainable urge to get them! But then I always freak out and want my normal hair back...So I comb them out before they get to tight.

They are so beautiful and so awesome and I love everything about and rrr why can't I just ever keep them in?! EVER?! I get paranoid about my hair falling out completly, My head gets itchy, and dandruffy and It drives me crazy and I feel like It won't ever go away and It makes me nervous to cutt it all off...I wish I could get over my phobia...

And my girlfriend thinks dreads are nasty and she didn't like them when I last had them because she said, I quote her, "They look like hairy pieces of shit hanging off your head" which I thought was pretty funny but still, I love them even if they did look like little pieces of poo. And she said they smelt bad, and she likes to feel soft hair and smell the shampoo...

Blah, I just miss them, ever so much