May 26th, 2003

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dreads and care

short bio:
i've had dreads since i was 16 years old. i'm 29 years old now. as i surf websites and listen to people's rant on dreads i discover a lot of misconceptions about them.

the stereotype is that people with dreads don't wash their hair. well, this may be true for some people, but many people who have dreads actually wash their hair. some do it every other day, to every three days to once a week to even monthly. it really depends on the person's habits, hair, and so on.

natural vs. other methods:
my dreads have always been grown naturally. many people decide to create their own by dread perms or other methods. no method is wrong. it really depends on your beliefs. everyone has their own beliefs here. however, i do not agree with the backcombing method... i've done dreads for other people and the only method that works quickly is the pull-up method... then again, it depends on how you do it as well. some people don't know the exact method. they just guess and get this big frizzy clump. either way, it takes someone anywhere from a month to years to get their dreads to actually feel and look like nice dreads.

there are sites with dreadlock assistance. i have, personally, never used any of them for assistance nor use of their products but they seem to be hyped up enough. some of the big boys out their are-



dreadhead hq

ALOTANAPPS which has cool jamming music...

african reggae history and dreadlocks

there are online email groups also to get assistance from numerous individuals through email. however, i feel after entering a sighthound group that my email account is loaded with sometimes 30 mails a day.dreadlock yahoo groups

personal sites:

ryan's dread site

don't worry be nappy book from wal-mart

i have plenty more in my book, but really these are most prominant online info.

wish everyone luck...

my tips:

pull up method- seperate like you're going to braid you're hair. pull apart two sets of strands (pull tight and quick pulls towards scalp). go to menards, fleet farm, home depot, or your local hardware store and buy springs that will fit your dreads. you can either, where the springs for a week (completely covering all your dreads in length) or you can buy enough to start at the root and slowly move the springs lower on a weekly basis. springs are metal spiralling bendable pieces you will find in the hardware or sometimes even in the plumbing department. most will be found in pull out droors with the photo on the front of a spring or bolt. some are hanging up in baggies. home depot usually has them hanging and in groups of 4-5 springs. fleet farm and menards sells them in droors in singles. but they are all in small plastic bags.

this is the fastest, easiest, and risk free way to do the nicest looking dreads in my personal opinion from experience.

you may try it, or try other methods from the sites listed above.

happy dreading</a>
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hey everyone - i'm a new member here.

a few weeks ago i wanted to do something drastic with my hair. i decided i would either get it all chopped off into a hip kelly-osbourne cut, or i would get dread. i opted for the cut. but now i've decided that at some point, i AM going to get dreads. i just don't know how to go about it.

the natural way is just not washing or brushing your hair for x amount of time, am i right? my friend has also told me you can take a comb and brush TOWARDS your scalp. but i've seen lots of different kinds of dreads. if i'm going to do it, how can i be sure i'm going to get the look i want when it's all done?

Trouble in paradise

I need a bit of help with getting my dreads a bit tighter, but these aren't normal dreads...Let me explain:

My hair is EXTREMLEY thick and very wavy/curly...I noticed that after a while my hair wound together. I decided to let it go for a couple months and waited to see if it would dread after a while...Surely enough, it did!

My hair has not seen a comb or shampoo in 6 months, so they are pretty well formed, I'd say about 90 percent. There are a couple areas, however that aren't as tight as I'd like them to be. What are the best ways to get them tight? I'm open to anything.

Maybe after they're nice I'll post a picture up here
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the other day I had my hair back but my lone dread fell out of the holdy thing.. and wapped me in the nose!! another time.. i was walking down the street and spun it around and kissed it *just because i felt like it*! yeah! ;P


hey locked fam!
im thinking of cutting the front of my locks into bangs . they look cute on some sistahs i have seen with locks and bangs.. i'd be cutting 4 dreads to create the bangs i want . two are favorites of mine but i hardle ever wear the front of my locks down cause i don't like the things all in my face .. any thoughts?
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Question to my lovely dreadheads :)

I have been reading in this community for a while that t tree oil is good for the scalp. I'm not real good with that, but tonight I picked up some stuff called Parnevu that came from WalMart. Do you think it would be okay on my scalp? Also, how often should I use it?
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