May 30th, 2003



sadly i have no pix of me when i had dreads but once i get then again when ever my hair gets its act together and grows ill have sum hopfully


...hi there, i'm having a bit of a neutral energy day, and am being impatient with my locks....anyone who wants to send some of their grooooovy positive engergy my way would be a great(er)help....thanks......

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So, I'm new here and I lack dreads...I have a question. I have very thin/fine, soft hair. How would I go about dreading it? At this point it's too short but I want to know for when it's longer (and also my mom's not a big fan of the idea and I need to do more reasearch before I jump in. So this is preliminary research). Thanks :-)
me painted

Ok, this is scary.

I just looked at my husband's scalp and it is COVERED with dandruff. It looks red and irritated and terrible. He's miserable from the itching and current treatment isn't working...

We've been washing his hair with Dr. Bronner's peppermint shampoo, then using rinses of rosemary water and white vinegar and water.

If anyone has had *severe* dandruff as a result of dreads, please tell me what you did to help it, at this rate he's thinking of getting rid of them but really doesn't want to...
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