May 31st, 2003



My dreads are 2-3 months old, i have been using wax although i feel like it doesn't really do much but grease the bad boys up for a day or two... so my question is: After i wash my hair, my dreads tend to be frizzy, should i use the wax after i wash or should i palm roll the hell out of em to calm them? Ive heard that wax just kind of gets in the way of dreads knotting process... Also, when using the Dr. Bonners Tee Tree Oil as a shampoo, do I dilute it with a bit of water or just use it straight? I just want the little guys to be happy!
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Hey my friends! As you know I lack dreadlocks but I heart em so. ANd you guys wanna know a secret about something that would make me very happy? Well, besides for having a boyfriend with dreads I would love a tam...Yupyup...SO if any of you wanna make me a happy gurl send a free tam my or im me

LOl. Yeh yeh I know it may not work but at least I tried...

im all-of-a-tangle!

hot damn, folks...

my friend did my dreads, and they looked so good, but for some reason they're coming out now. i've been teasing them and such, but for some reason they're...not doing so well. and i really love them ^.^ ...has anyone ever heard of a technique called 'frosting' one's hair so that it stays together and stays as you want it? i can't find anything about it, and i joined here a while ago but never posted. i figured i could ask you guys. thanks. :)
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