June 4th, 2003

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unless i chicken out or deside to let my hair grow longer, im gonna get dreads soon. i think im just gonna get the knottyboy wax and then get some dr. bronners soap. but my question is what would be better, tea tree or peppermint?


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I've had my dreads for about two weeks now. I lurve them muchley. Any suggestions on how to keep my frizz down?I wash them 2-3 times a week and use the wax (petroleum free) yet they still enjoy looking like I've been massively shocked some days. I have my formal tomorrow and I don't want them looking like I've been struck by lightning. He he.

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right umm hope i can explain this
my front 2 dreads like right at the front of my head
theyre reeeally thin cos theyre the first dreads i did a couple of years ago just kinda playin about b4 i actually went for it
and theyre so think i look kinda 'bald' at the front around them
i dunno what to do, ive already joined more bits to them but they just suck, id join em to the phatter ones to either side but then i think it will just make it worse
theres also loads of lame little fuzzy bits...arrgghh....
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my rasta knit bag...

thought you all would appreciate this.. i finished tonight actually, so my hands are still a little sore from all the knitting! i made it to hold my books... cuz im a nerd! =]
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