June 7th, 2003


i started some dreads on the back of my head like a month ago, they knotted up quite well but the front pieces are being a bitch and take alot of maintenance.

i decided to do mine naturally, no wax or anything, considering i am too broke to afford those luxuries anyways. i used a wool sweater to start them,now i just backcomb, and wash with dr. bronners twice a week or so. on the days i dont use the dr. bronners, i mix up sea salt, warm water and a few drops of lavender essence and spray it on my head. i am actually quite glad i have opted to do them naturally, it is learning me a lesson in patience, which i desperately am in need of.

yesterday my mom had some friends visiting us. i was sitting on the floor backcombing my hair and my moms friend says to me, 'wow..are you doing dreads?' and i said, 'yeah' and he said, 'wow...like home made ones??' and it just totally cracked me up.

have a great day all
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:( grr

im getting sooooo self concious.....
at the front of my head theres a kind of balding bit, like a T-shape going inbetween the front two dreads and then behind them...its just a very widened parting....
i hate it i hate it i hate it, i dunno what to dooooo :(
plus it makes my parents give me more hassle about "go to the hairdressers get your hair back properly"
i dont want "proper" hair i want dreads......but i dont wana go bald!! :(
and where iv been messin wif it tryin 2 make it better and snapping some hairs ive got a lame sore bit , ouch :(
still lovin ma phatties tho :) my back dreads rule, my front ones just suck :/
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lions mouth

forwarded from RAW msg. forum....

Dreadlocks don't cut it at St. Louis bar By ELIZABETHE HOLLAND
updated: 06/06/2003 02:18 AM

Cheshire Inn incident split up wedding party

As a man working the door at the Cheshire Inn stepped toward Shelby
and friend Brian Williams, Carter figured he merely wanted to be sure
two were old enough to have a drink at the bar.

Age, as it turned out, wasn't the problem. The men's hairstyles were,

"He started moving toward me, so I figured I'd get my ID out. ...
when he said it," said Carter of the May 17 incident. "He said, 'Sorry,
you can't come in, sir. We have a no-dreadlocks policy.' I didn't say
at first. My jaw just dropped open. ... It was sickening."

Carter, 29, and Williams, 27, are African-American men who wear their
in dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are formed naturally when hair is allowed to
mat, tangle and grow intertwined when not combed. While people of all
wear dreadlocks, the style is most popular among African-Americans.
Collapse )