June 12th, 2003

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Ok maybe that other post made me paraniod but .....
if you thought maybe there was fleas in your dreads could you wash with dog flea shampoo and get them or would your best bet be to cut em..?

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i went to the beach two days ago..and it finally got nice enough to go in the water...i heard sea water is good for dreads..i dont know if its true or not, but my dreads feel really nice after taking a swim at the beach..im afraid to wash my hair cause then itll be all annoying and stuff..now it just feels awesome. so EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THEIR DREADS TO THE BEACH!

now to my point of posting..what do i do with all these loose hairs?! also ive been dreading my hair..like doing one every couple of days and i noticed i cant ever dread the ENTIRE section or w/e you like to call it..like it only knots up to a certain point...why is this and how do i fix it?

and does anyone that lives in NYC want to help me fix my hair..it probably sounds like im giving up on them..but i just need a little help and encouragement..

happy dreads all!
the bens

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hey, i just joined this community. i had dreads last summer, and then took them out, and i recently just got them back and so far so good. im just wondering, what is the best washing technique that you all use? bar of soap? and if yes, what kind.
any help is appreciated. thanks so much!