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[17 Jun 2003|01:33am]
my dreads are starting to get long...longer then i think they've ever been before, and my hair was halfway down my hack when i dreaded it.

anyone ever tried cutting their dreads before?
i'm pretty much definate that i'm going to shave my head in a few months, so i dont really care if they don't look fabulous, and i think i could use a change. i think i might like to have shorter dreads again. i loved them when they were chin length....but then again, if i cut them i doubt they'll look as cute as they did then....
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here's a recent one that showcases my dreadies better [17 Jun 2003|02:02am]
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[17 Jun 2003|08:55am]
i know sum guy just asked a questions just like this but i wanted to make my own post. ive been using regular dial soap for the dreads do youall approve of this? or should i just use somethin made for dreaddies
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dreads [17 Jun 2003|10:47am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well i just redid my dreads yesterday hurray!
but i have no camara to take pix blah

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[17 Jun 2003|02:12pm]
I'm kind of bore so I though I would post some pictures that I took on Sunday.

SundayCollapse )
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