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[21 Jun 2003|02:52am]
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wow [21 Jun 2003|12:34pm]
i'm so glad i found this place. will definetely help me with my dreading process. i already have about 5 baby dreads.

i have 2 questions. i'm not one who really cares what people think of me. i am a very open and peaceful person. i guess i just have somewhat of a small concern with being confonted by someone belittling (sp?) me because i have dreads and i am white. has anyone been in such a situation? how have you dealt with it, or said? i just want to be able to speak out about dreads and take away the common misconception that only "blacks", "potheads", or "dirty hippies" have dreads.

second question is, i already came out to my parents, and now i have to explain that, yes, i have dreadlocks. i have old cuban parents. they are just NOT going to understand. lol any stories to share? advice?

thanks, and sorry if this has been discussed before. i really look forward to this community. :)
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Help Not So Wanted? [21 Jun 2003|01:01pm]
has anybody found trouble in the area of the pursuit of employment due to their dreads?

Does anybody have a way to make dreads look a bit more acceptable for the work place? Or is that just a lost cause?

In any case, I've had my hair in all sorts of neat styles from a mohawk to braided, but dreads have been my favourite so far. I'm not even sure how the style came about...I guess I sort of just fell into them. But that's just me...How did you discover dreads?
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[21 Jun 2003|04:36pm]
i just worked on my dreads loads and theyre looking beeeautiful, jus wana say thanx to you all because u inspire me and motivate me to make my dreads look good!! xxx
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Muchas Gracias! [21 Jun 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Dearest fellow Dreadies...

Just wanted to thank you all for all the positive feedback & support! I was a little nervous about these, it was just what I needed!

So thanks!

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