June 23rd, 2003

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This is a photo taken by my cousin while on a trip to Peru. It was taken at the tombs of Nazca. I thought it was so great. In a lot of his pictures the mummies have dreadlocks, and if the dreads aren't intact, they're hung on the wall above them. I thought some of you might enjoy this.


kay, here's the deal.
i am a total mermaid, and i live int he water during the summer.
will the constant day-to-day submersion of my dreads be bad for them? i've had them for three months.
also, is there any good way to prevent them from loosening up all the time from the water? i work on them one day and they are looking beautiful and tight, and then the next, swimming and poof. frizzball once more.

i know i need to sew the loose hairs into my dreads, and palm-roll a lot, but any other advice? i don't like to use wax unless i can help it, it makes me feel gross and dirty if i don't shower every day.
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i may drop in from time to time but for the most part this is goodbye to "get up dread up" ..
i made the cut.. sometimes it's just time...


after ( i still need to go to the salon .. i've been dreadless only a few hours )

mucho blessings to you all :)
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now that i'm switching job positions like next week, i'm starting to work on my whole head. i've been having to do it by myself though, so i've got like 1/3 of my head done. it's such hard work, but my hair is cooperating. i've just been having a hard time with my ends. at first i was trying to roll the ends in, but then they would come back out and just not stay. so today i decided to tighten them as much possible, and just roll them out pointy. the extra hairs that wouldn't go in i just cut them off. that's not a bad idea is it? they look better pointy now too. they stay in tact and dont get all loose.

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Ok Im having issues. I am inconsistant in everything I do and I cant stay in one place. Literally and metaphorically. Im constantly changing I guess, I get bored with everything. Ive wanted dreads for yeeeeeeeeeaaaaars and I finally have thme and its only been about three months now. I love them and they are beautiful but Im sick of them already. Its so hot and I would love to have shorrt hair. But the roots arent really more than an inch right now so if I cut them Id be pretty much bald. Im used to doing a million things with my hair and changing the color and trying new things. But with dreads I cant. I love them and I dont know what the hell my problem is. Someone help. Please! I posted pictures of them a few posts back. I need advice (other than the fact that its a personal choice!). Thank you in advance!

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hey im posting this to help a friend, i think id die if it happened to me.....
my friends bf has like 5 little brothers and sisters and has got headlice in his dreads :/ whats the best way to get rid of em without cutting?>