June 29th, 2003

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hi hi.
ive always adored dreads, and tonight [mainly from boredom, a lack of parental control, and the heat] i spent almost 3 hours putting my hair in dreads.

problem one: i have lots of uber uber fine hair. some look...nice and thick and puffy, while others are all...limp and gross. what can i do to make them more...oomphy for lack of a better word
problem two: im in the middle of growing out a reverse mullet. [long bangs, short back], and the back pieces are probably 2" long and stand straight out. is there a way i can get them to ... stop looking dumb?

i dunno. they smell nice. and they're not that itchy yet...

ive wanted dreads since i was 13...5 years later i get them and i dont know what i think. blegh.
when i find batteries for my digital camera i'll take pictures. webcam shots arent getting them all

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oh no!

my dreadies are no more :( it is a sad, but also
happy day. a lot of pain, 2 days, and doggy flea
comb later, i have combed out my dreadlocks after
almost exactly 1 year and 6 months. everyone
said it was impossible, and that i would have to
cut them out, but no! i didn't do it the easy
way! i ripped them apart and tried to salvage my
lovely hair. it will be nice to have silky,
shiny hair again. well, all i need now is a deep
conditioning and trim. maybe someday, i will once again be a dreadlocked girl.
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So I'm taking the plunge next week and getting dreads. Finally. After years of wanting them. I'm quivering with excitement.

I decided that I am indeed getting a dreadperm. Yes, I'm doing this because I like the way they look. But I do understand their history. Since I'm not in general a spiritual person (I'm agnostic), I can't really do it for spiritual reasons. That's not to say that I don't respect all of you who have done your dreads for those reasons, I'd just like to get some of that respect back. We all love dreads here and we should all try to support eachother rather than cutting people down for not having their dreads for the same reasons.