June 30th, 2003

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my dreads are getting tighter but my head seems rather scalpy. i was just wondering if anyone knows if this will go away as my hair grows, or is i am destined to bad hair forever.

help is appreciated. thanks!

First post..

Hey, so i just joined this community after a while of searching around for a good dreadlock lj community.
I dont have dread locks yet, mainly because my hair isn't at it's "desired length" (its only 3 inches) but before i get them, i just had a few questions.
I know most of the techniques for getting dreads and i decided to go with back combing and using wax, i just had a question for anyone else here who used this method:
Exactly how do you back comb? Whenever i try to do it, i just get a frizzy bent lump of hair that looks nothing like a dread lock.

And one more question:
How exactly do you section your hair for getting the dreads? I mean, i never really tried many styles with my hair so im sorta confused as to how to do this , how would the sections stay etc....sorry for the dumb questions but i was a little confused :)

Thanks guys!
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hello. i'm new here. i just finished getting dreads this morning and my friend started them last tuesday. we used a flea comb (well, two flea combs), wax, and countless hours of backcombing. it was good fun but now her hands are all cut up. my hair looks pretty damn good though, if i do say so myself. i'll be posting pictures when i get my digital camera back. :)
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