July 2nd, 2003

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I recently bleached my tips and recall a post in here about someone bleaching and then going into the saltwater and their dreads broke off. I'm going to the beach but i was wondering if it will be cool since im not going for a month or so (hopefully all the bleach has come out by then) and how do i tell if its still in there or not.........

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So today I found bugs in my hair.

And now my two-year-old, down-to-my-ass, BABIES are gone. In the garbage can. I couldn't even keep them because they probably are infested with eggs.

I salvaged enough hair that I didn't have to buzz it or anything. It's now in this Karen-O esque bangs thing. But I've seriously been crying.

As a side note, to the people who are concerned about having an inch or two of undreaded roots, you might want to just leave it alone. Because in the very sad case that you should have to or want to cut your dreads off, you'll be really happy you still have some hair.