July 5th, 2003

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i'm in the process of dreading my hair with the wool rubbing thing. it's working much better then i expected and i'm loving te results.
i was wondering how long i should wait to wash it and what sort of products i should use. i keep reading about wax, but i assume it's not teh same as normal styling wax. if anyone can reccoment something readilly available at beauty suply stores that's cheap, i'd appreciate it.
should i sleep with something covering it?
also, is suave daiuly clarifying shampoo ok?
i have a dyed black (therefore very slick and smooth), stick straight 6-7 inch mohawk and i don't know if the same washing rules apply when it's so short.

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Ack! How do I "watch" this community? And how is that different from just having in on my friends list? I went to the livejournal faq, but couldn't find information on how to watch a community.

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four months and they're tightly binding, winding
and curving, knotting and swirving into well
rounded, love infused locks.

i'm having some trouble with loose hairs
around the font, top and back but i figure
with all the dancing i do, they'll eventually
find their place inside one of the phatties.

been wanting some shells or peyote stitch
but i'm po! the butterfly is all i need.

peace, love, unity, & oneness.
love thineself, thine beings, thine life.
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ANy Canadian dreadies in the Ontario area want to hook up and jam or something? I just hitched from vancouver here and i don't know anyone yet. I plan on journeying to quebec soon too. I'm in welland now, near niagara falls.


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Are there places here in the States, where you see folks with dreads with some regualarity? I know it's a lame question, but something I've always wondered, since I've lived here in the south all my life. I've probably seen 5 or 6 dreadheads total here in my hometown, Charlotte, NC, in the last 3 years, though some of this is probably the result of my living out in the suburbs, and Charlotte isn't exactly known for it's diversity.
I guess more or less the reason for my asking is I'm considering moving soon. Possibly back to Atlanta, Ga, Raleigh, NC, or to Berkely/San Fransico, Califoria, or possibly elsewhere with my bud from my first college, and if there are some places that are more open minded, and easier to get jobs, and in a warm climate then I would consider going there.

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For the past few weeks I've been seriously been considering getting dreads. The only problem is I don't even know where to begin, I've never gotten them before, so I have no Idea how exactly the whole process works, and I would like to know more about them.
Exactly how is it done?
How long does it take if you want to have your hair grow back out normally [or do you simply have to cut it really short and start all over again?]
How do you care for it?
What's the big deal about lice, and what are my chances of getting it?
I'm a swimmer, will this pose a problem with the dreads, and will I be able to fit the dreads under a cap, I've heard dreads can get moldy if they get wet to often?
Thanks to anybody who will help me out.

Hair that won't tangle

I am a girl with white girl hair trying to make it dread as naturally as possible. I have heard that sea salt is helpful so I bought some, now what should I do with it? Thanks a ton for any help that I might receive.