July 11th, 2003

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i've had dreads for a little more than 2 weeks now. the larger ones feel like they're locking up pretty well. i just took the rubber bands of the ends a couple of nights ago. the only problems i've had is getting like the top 2 inches of roots to begin to lock. i've decided to stop using wax since it just weighs them down and makes them feel blah. i've wanted them for quite some time, but didn't decide to get them til i wanted to give my hair a rest. the reason they're pink is because i used to dye my hair way too often, because every time i dyed it i could feel like a new person and get a fresh start. i've finally come to the realisation that i can't and shouldn't continue to change myself every month, thus the dreads. since i want to keep them for at least a couple of years. i plan on dying them brown or black once they're locked more.

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i went to the beach
and although i dont have dreads yet, my hair is getting longer, and the salt water was awesome!

my hair feels so nice and nappy and theres some faux dreads in the back :)

that is all

much love

p.s.boogie boarding rules!
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