July 16th, 2003

  • shliii

Things I learned that you guys probably already know.

At this point I look absolutely ridiculous- and I love it. My dreads are only half done because I have been working on them alone. All of the hair on the front and sides are nicely dreaded and the back is still straight. It goes without saying that I've got a dread mullet, which hopefully I'll be getting rid of today. I just wanted to write down the things that I figured out as I worked on my dreads that I had no idea about before I started.

1. Take backcombing very slowly. I started out thinking backcombing was a rough process. It seemed to me that if it was done rough the hair would tangle quicker. Once I tried doing it slowly only getting a hair or two into it at a time it's not only longer and way tighter, but those scraggily ends that I was complaining about yesterday are completely gone. No rubber bands, no wax, no nothing. They look so much better than the ones I did before.

2. An easy way to get the roots tighter is to grab one about a half inch from the start and push down into the scalp and rub in a circular motion. I can't figure out how to do this without angering my scalp, but doing it on the really loose ones was definitely worth the trouble.

3. While palm rolling to make them tighter and hopefully convince some of the fuzzy bits of hair to mush into the dread I found it easier to put a tiny drop of water on my hands and rub them together until there was a good amount of friction between the two. Once they're at this point I palm roll my hair and it gets tight ten times faster and way better than it does otherwise.

That's it for now. I'll post pictures when the back is complete.
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