July 18th, 2003


One month

I've had my dreads for about a month now and they still aren't locking up. One in the back just came out completely and I can see that it would be just as easy to pull the others apart and comb them out.
I'm thinking about taking them out.

Has anyone here had this experience? Is some hair just undreadable? The hair has (except for that one) remained in the sections they were backcombed in and responds well to palmrolling, but I'm concerned with the looseness.

whats simple is true.

whats up ya'll? new to this little commune : ) i've got some new dreadies formin. gettin nice and knotty. i've had them for about two months. its my third time with dreads. usually had to take them out for some job, but now i work at the local "hippie" store so its all good.

just seeing how everyones doing. hope all is good.

peace and good vibes.
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it's freakin' hot these days, so i go swimming just about every day. this, of course, leads to my hair never ever drying up properly. i squease and shake and get out as much water as possible, but they've been a little damp ever since.. monday i think. just wondering if that's anything i should worry about. like.. will stuff start growing inside them or can i just sit back and relax and keep on splashing?

three days old.

In my last post someone requested I put pictures up of my newborn dreads, sooo, here they are. They aren't that good as a result of a lack of battery power in my camera, but they'll do for now.

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clara bow

(no subject)

does anyone else notice that some people's dreads get lighter in color toward the tips? some of mine do, but i never used bleach before.
just curious.
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david bailey

(no subject)

i want a way to wear my hair up so my dreads show to their beautiful extent, but so my hair is off my neck. i'm a show-off and i want my dreads to be seen.
any tips?
and i still need to find beads!! arrgh my friends give me beads but they're all too small.
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Hello to all....

I'm also new to this community and am having fun with my digital camera. I've had my dreadies for about 3 years now. The front never dreaded so eventually instead of braiding it and trying to dread it for sooooooo long I just decided to work with it - not against it!!!

Hopefully this pic isn't too big, if it is I apologize I'm new to this.

If it seems to big, would someone tell me how to do the link pictures like everyone does??? I checked the faq and couldn't figure it out.
Thanks : )
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