July 22nd, 2003

It's About Damn Time

I've had a couple requests since I've been on this comunity to post my dreads, but i haven't had any place to put the pictures...So, for you enjoyment, here are 3 pictures of my dreads that make my self-esteem plummit! :D



(HUGE thanks to Adrianne for giving my pictures a home!)

Also, not a comb or chemical was used in my making of my dreads. Just the elements and my hands. They are still developing, and I hope to have them done within 5 or 6 months. I think they will be worth the wait.

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hey ive had my dreads for about 5 months now. they are getting better. my mom keeps bitching at me about them still. she told me the otherd ay that my dreads are a mess and they arent supposed to be that way. she said they were supposed to be neat. is this really true? are most dreads neat? i dont think she knows what she is talking about but i know my hair is a mess. i dont put wax in anymore and im basically just leaving them alone. i still palm roll and twist every little while. i wen tto a dead show and everyone had dreads some were realy neat but i think they get neater over time when they lockup. my hair is still locking.
any ways i can make my dreads neater?
and what the hell can i use for shampoo other than bar soap. i tried orderign some shit from knottyboy.com but it never came. should i just wet them / and spray some lemon juice? or is there more to the story?
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david bailey

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ok. so i wash my dreads about once a week and palmroll and stuff. but why is my hair so frizzy? i have much frizz..everywhere. on the top of my head, coming out of the dreads. this cannot be good. any thoughts?


well i have to say goodbye to this community. cuz i no longer have dreads i had a panic attack and ripped the apart. i just like to thanx all of you who helped me out and good luck with your dreads
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hi, i just started my dreads today, my mom did one and she hated it and doesn't want to do them anymore for me.. so i've been searching online for a place in queens or manhattan that will do them for me but it's impossible to find anything on google
does anyone here live around queens or manhattan and knows of a salon?
clara bow

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so, i know tea tree oil is supposed to kill bugs. does anyone know how tea tree oil is able to do this?
also, i don't believe that the only way to get rid of fleas in your dreads is to cut your dreads off. there HAS to be a way to kill them. has anyone ever had bugs in their dreads and were able to kill them without cutting their dreads off?
the reason i ask is because it seems like everywhere i go lately is infested with fleas. it makes me incredibly uneasy. is there a way to tell whether or not their are bugs in your dreads? i haven't noticed anything in mine (yet), but i also wash with tea tree shampoo every three days. is this enough to keep them out?
thank you thank you thank you in advance.
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quick question re: sea salt

for those of you who rinse your dreads w/ sea salt at home, could you please pass along your technique? how much do you mix w/ how much water? dump it over your head or dunk your head in a bucketfull? do you rinse afterward w/ plain water or no?

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more help please.

thank you everyone that answered me about my "what is backcombing" question. but now i need to know, when i backcomb then i got to twist, so i get my beeswax and i start twisting....what diresction do i twist? if i twist the right side of my head clock-wise then i got to twist the left side anticlock-wise? sorry is it's a stupid question, i just don't want to F up and have to chop my hair off.
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