July 25th, 2003


'ello! *waves*

hola to all! ~:-)

so the other day at work, when i was up front working the registers, these 2 really kewl guys came through my line & we ended up talking about dreads for the few minutes they were purchasing their items.... they suggested that i try using aloe in my hair to help with the locking process & they also said that washing with vinegar helps a lot?! does anyone know if either of these things are true & if so have you done them yourself?

best wishes & peace!
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i need help with loos roots it seemsthis time around my roots are losse i need help tighting them is there anyother wayaside from clockwise rubbbing that doesnt really seem to work for me thanx

Mah dreadies... a story in photos.

THANK YOU, you guys. I asked for some dreading advice back in, eh, December or so, and I got some awesome replies. These are my results. Please bear in mind that my natural hair is only chin-length, so there's fake hair mixed in here, too.

This was the first try. As you can see, they're a little lumpy at the top.

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Again . . . thank you!

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