July 31st, 2003

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i've had dreads for a year and a half. hair police did them. i also have two synthetic extensions that are red and green that i use to tie them up.
a couple questions. can i dye them? i know it gets asked a lot. also i have some tea tree oil but don't know how much or where to put them on my hair. and i have a dog and 3 cats and 2 kittens that are all flea bags. what do i do with them that is cheap.
also if anyone is from so cal we should get together and have a palm rolling party cause i hate rolling my own but would love to help someone else in exchange for help with mine.
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i had the weirdest dream last night.
see, i'v been half entertaining thoughts of cutting of fmy dreads (i'm not going to) But last night i had a dream that i cut off my dreads, dyed the rest of my hair pink, and then went out to the mall or something. it was really, really weird!!!!

just thought i'd share.

oh, and also a question: What experience have you all had in dying your dreads? i want to dye them red, but i have heard that the dye will get stuck inside the dread, and leak out after you take a shower (like normal hair, just after you dye them)
anyways, i was wondering what everyone thinks.


okay, my mom gave me two rows of dreads in the back of my head (10 dreads total).. my dad saw it and flipped, he hates it and is giving me all these excuses for not getting them such as:
-limitied job opportunities
-having people making assumptions about me
-friends' parents not letting me over their houses
and some more i can't remember
all of these reasons are ridiculous and/or unimportant to me.. but the only thing that kind of got to me was the job thing.. have any of you not been able to get jobs because of your dreads? probably not because it's a stupid reason to not hire someone but whatever.. just wondering

also, anyone have tips on how i could convince my dad?
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