August 5th, 2003

getting bored

i feel like cutting off my dreads because im getting so frustrated from them not growing...i want to cut them off and start over, let my hair grow really long and then backcomb them. I had no knowledge of that when i started them so i did it naturally when my hair was short buy yah i know ill probably regret it once i do it.
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I just finished sewing a few of the million loose hairs into a couple of my dreads and I was inspired to ask you all a question.

How many hours a week do you spend working on your dreads?

I would have to say for my own, especially since they're so new, I probably spend a good two hours on them every week, although it's weening this past week. I went swimming too much and they've hopelessly unraveled.

Also, is there another effective method of get loose hairs into dreads other than sewing them? I have tried both palm rolling them and back combing them in, but neither really works all that well. Sewing is the most effective way but it's quite a pain in the ass. If there is another way please! let me know!
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dread emergency! dread emergency ya'll!!!!

hey everyone.
got a problem. so i havent washed my hair in like..ehhh.6 months or so. i am basically asking for little buddies(lice).
i itch occasionally, but no more then i have before. dreads are just itchy. today i was scratching the lower back side of my hair, like towards the bottom where lice like to chill...and there was all this like dried blood shit all over the place attatched to my scalp(i know thats gross. sorry). i dont know what it is. but think it could be blood from where the little liceyyys are biting??

i cant have my mom check because she will freak and make me cut my babies. i have heard of all the methods to get rid of lice, but i want to make sure this is lice first...think it is? how can i check myself and what should i look for?

any help would be great : )
i dont need any buddies livin in my dreadies.

peace and good vibes
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seasalt water

Just a quick question, I've got some seasalt and stuff...

I was wondering what's best to do, I've had a root through the cupboards and I can't really find anything to spray it on with, I was wondering if I'd be ok just filling up a bowl and sticking my head in it?

And.. should I leave it in for a bit, or rinse it out? I've heard people mention leaving it in for several days, and some just washing it straight out..

Opinions people :)
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dread no more

well guys, looks like i found mold in my dreads and am going to have to cut them off....i mean i guess i wont have too but i dont want mold in my hair its not worth it so yeah i guess i will do it tomorrow when i get back from cali.. i mean i love my dreaddies and will miss them but i cant stand the thought of mold ugh can't stand it. i will update after the clipping wish me luck.

oh yeah should i cut them and then go to a stylist? My mom says to just go to the stylist but i feel like i should be the one to cut them please give me some feedback.

<3 red