August 6th, 2003


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when i wash my hair, my roots tend to knot up on their own. unfortunately, they also try to eat each other.

my locks get attached to each other at the roots and i have to painfully rip them apart so that they dont turn into one giant lock. im always afraid that ill wind up tearing my actual hair instead of just separating the knots.

does anyone else have this problem? and is there something i can do to prevent it besides putting rubber bands at the roots (i think that they might inhibit the natural knotting process)?

i did it

so i cut all my dreads off and found hell mold like all up in that shit...
i miss them but am glad i found it.
do you think mold could have caused my continuous allergies?
i dunno but i think i will grow them back some day.. but maybe keep them a lil' drier.
dont use wax........
dry your dreads ppl!

ill post my curly head pics later.

i will probably be leaving this community cause it makes me sad.
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new to community, not to dreadlocks

A friend of mine attacked me with a fistful of loose, small glitter today, not realizing it would stay put in my dreads-- and actually, it looks amazing.

The most beautiful details about dreadlocks are always the unintentional ones. :D
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