August 8th, 2003

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2 months old, and i dont like them very much:( i miss my old ones..but its just the progress i dont i'll have to wait, en then theyre getting beautiful. i think. i hope.
(and its too hot to think straight in english..i even cant talk in dutch..soo)


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Hi everybody. I'm new in this community. I'm french, i live and paris, and I am 16years old. I'm wearing dreadlocks for 1year ago. But I didn't want them, they got mixed up alone lol. They aren't pretty at all and too short. I'd like to have long dreadlocks, but they don't grow grrr. And it's really deprising to see all yours, cuz they're all beautiful ! Maybe I'll dye them in red, but I don't really know how must I do, and if it'll be cute on me...?
I'll join some piccies.:

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