August 9th, 2003


it's a test until it works.

reposted(i deleted the old one). let's give it a shot.
They'll be 7 months old on the 12th.
woah. i didn't even realize.

i dyed them brown(over orange) so they've got some interesting colors going on.

and i had a fit about cutting them off, so i settled on cutting the hairs free from dreads that they shouldn't be in so i can start new ones and fill in the empty spots. and i cut one off in the back. named it joey.

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there's a slew.

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i need some help with my dreads. my moms being an asshole to me constantly saying how its so frizzy and they should be smoother. how can i make this can i have smooth fat dreads ?

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my dreads have gone back to the state they were in before i got them dreaded, i waited a week then washed my hair using normal shampoo and conditioner..have i dont wrong? eh i should have researched them before getting them, i use cheap wax that is thick and do back comb every now and then but hell what can i do to stop it from undreading?