August 10th, 2003

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another set of eyes.

I aplogize for this being off subject but. . .

does anyone live in Austria? I'm here for 9 months and I dont know anyone except for my host family (I'm an Au Pair). I'm living in Waidhofen. I really want to see the country and experience the nightlife, but its kinda depressing trying to do it alone. leave me a comment and I'll love you for it.

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Alright. This question is not related to dreadlocks, but was spawned by a conversation between two dreadheads, and that will have to suffice. Ahem.

Do you guys realize how WEIRD livejournal is? First of all--EVERYONE HAS ONE, BUT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT. I mean, some people do, but only with people you KNOW also has it. And then the people you know, who have livejournal? You might not have seen them or talked to them in months, but very often you know EXACTLY how they are. And even people that you don't know at ALL. You might have the most sordid details on someone's life that you don't KNOW. Not to mention the excessively weird experience of meeting in real life someone that you met over livejournal, or whose livejournal you read or keep track of. Whether an intended or unintended meeting, this is a very very odd experience. Perhaps a chance meeting, (which happened to me at a bus station in hartford) is weirder than a planned meeting (which never happened to me, I must admit). But for all of the above discussed reasons, and also many other reasons, do you guys concieve of the WEIRDNESS OF THE LIVEJOURNAL PHENOMENA? Just wanted to ask. Thanks everyone.
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flat dreads wanting a new life

hello everyone,

I have one question, My dreads are a year old and I always wear a beanie or they are always down, they are just recently long enough to pull up! well my question is they are very very flat, like at the top of my head and my dreads have been growing flat. My question is, now that they are long enough to pull back in a little pineapple ponytail if i wear them that way a lot more will my hair un flatten out? I posted some pics a few posts ago and it shows how flat my dreads lay on my head. Any advice or tips? i have had them up for like 2 days now and my hair is not used to be positioned that way, pain.

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