August 12th, 2003

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My dreads are one day old

It took me 16 hours to get them all finished yesterday, and I did a half ass job of the back so my brothers gf spent 2 hours fixing it up for me today.

My scalp, is itchy. And I hope to wash my hair on sunday maybe? The only places that I know of that sell dread shampoo are all a 45 minute drive away, and I cant get there. What can I use to wash my hair??? I know I'm not supposed to use regulare shampoo, but does it really matter that much? Any special advice you guys have for the early stages of dreads? Other then to work on them constantly.

This is them.
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so folks, about five hours (while taking breaks, even a by a day)

i am left with 5 dreads.

they needed to be out before the school year started (for acting purposes)
and so the other day i decided to comb one out to see if it would damage my hair a ton.

it didnt...
i did find all sorts of mildew and build-up from shampoo.
(i didnt treat my dreads nicely while i had them.)

so tomorrow, all but one get brushed out
(if my mother(a hairdresser) and i cant figure out a way to highlight w/ dreads)
(she uses a cap, and its

adios mis amigos.
i'll still watch and occaisionally write here.
as for my one dread, it was my first, and always my best and thickest...
that one i'll keep.

and someday, i will have wonderful, nicely manicured
and well taken care of dreads.
but for now, the one will have to do.

it's devastating.
i feel...ALMOST....boring now.

someday we'll start anew.

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Hey guys. I got two photos for you today. One is a pic of the AWESOME anna from a californian band called LUXT:

What do you guys think of those nappies? Check her out at

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sharing a dreadlock picture! someone jumped in the pool and splashed everything and everyone. so i got all wet, and someone took a picture. ;)
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thanks for having helped me!
i listened to your advice and my dreads are already getting better.
i washed them with salt water, sew some of them and palm roll them a lot during the last days. they are definetly prettier! here's the result :

my dreads and I feel better now :)
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Does anyone else here use the sewing method of putting loose hairs into place? It's the only way I know how to get rid of those little loose hairs. Are there any easier ways?
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