August 13th, 2003

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my dreads arent as bad as i thought tehy were...yeh a little frayed but manageable..anyways just wondering how on earth do i get rid of the dandruff..i have it..ive had it for awhile..even before i got the dreads..but now it feels alot worse..any ideas..or solutions?


Does anyone know how make atébas ? I don't know if it's the same name in english :-( But maybe someone will understand me. So if someone know, please help me :-( I wanna one of it !!
david bailey

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i'm in seaside park nj now ( which sucks in itself but what can you do.) anyway the first day i was here i drenched myself and my dreads in saltwater and haven't washed them since.
and yesterday i caught a glimpse of them in the back and they rock.
i am super happy.
and sorry i can't post pictures, but eventually i will.
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