August 14th, 2003

lj code?

hello dread buddies! i brushed out my dreads about a week ago, reason being i want to grow out my hair way long and re-do them naturally without any wax.. just time and pure patience. i do miss them, but hey... someday!!

i wanted to know if anyone would be so kind as to give me an lj code? i gave all mine away and would really appreciate it! thanks guys....
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Hey guys! I don't have dreads, but I really want them. The only problem is, I have to work and I live in a fairly conservative suburb of Atlanta. Does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere I could work where dreads would be allowed that would still pay me well? Thanks! xox, Kaitlin
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hello to me

Hi im new here, amd already i have a question.

Q: It will be 3 years in October since i had dreads, and for some reason i cant get the top of my hair, near my roots, to stay twisted or knotted. I have tried backcombing, beeswax, products from, and even just twisting them constanley. I started my dreads myself, with nothing in em, just knotting them, twisting, and palm rolling, a few months ago i put beeswax in them to keep them together cause i had lose hair everywhere. But i just cant keep my roots knotted, twisted, or even tight. So does anyone have any solutions??????

Thanks it be highly appreciated.
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hey dreadheads!

i�m bored and i love this community, so i�ll post some pictures of me and boyfriend who had dreads until march. he had to cut them to get a job at a very "respectable" company.
i had introduced myself a long time ago, so again: my name is freda, i�m currently 18 years old, live in germany and my dreaddies are about 4 1/2 years. i didn�t use any special methods, just let them dread. didn�t have internet then, so i couldn�t even look for advice or whatever. that�s why they are so crappy...
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my dreads

ahh thank ya, runlotusrun , so much for telln me about Threading!! MY hair looks lots better now! I feel that their complete, for sooo long..about 3 years now i been trying to fix my roots and keep my hair tight. ahh thank u kindly!!!


i will post a pic sometime this weekend...i have to go baby crying.

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This is how I call an "atébas" in order to let you know how it is. Maybe someone'll understand better now. So if anyone know how making it, let me know. Pleaseee ! I've searched everywhere but haven't found anything about it :'(