August 15th, 2003

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it's like a painting - i paint it (or grow it in this case) and then i get rid of it and i am compelled to paint a new one (or grow some new ones in this case) ..

i think i will always grow and cut dreads and grow again..
this time i may get a dread perm or do them natural again or get fake dreads and let my hair grow out underneath...
we will see ...
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all this sea water talk

i been reading some comments lately...and people been saying salty sea water used on their dreads (which i used as great)...but it made me think of something that my boyfriend said to me.... here it is

"when a sperm whale mates he ejaculates 400 gallons of sperm....only 40 gallons goes into the female sperm whale....while 360 spills into the ocean....ever wonder why the ocean is so salty?"
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will someone tell me how to post pics on LJ...i read how to do it on the FAQ page...but none of that makes sense to me!

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My sister Danielle has beautiful dreadlocks, but has had a recent problem with little whisps of fly away hairs that will not form with her dreads. Today I sewed in all her loose hair and it looks fabulous. It's like getting a hair cut, but with dreadlocks, and no hair cutting, just fixing. Haha if that makes any sense. Anyhow here are some cute pictures I took of them after I sewed them all up.
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ok so i've looked through a few pages of this community and still haven't found a response i liked to my question...

i've had most of my dreads for over two years and the rest for about 1 month.
I barely wash my hair, but my head was beginning to get itchy so i washed it and now not only is it worse i also have realised i have the most awful buildup of shampoo/dandruff/god knows what on my scalp.

my question is:
any ideas on how to get rid of it?

i live in australia so if anyone knows of some good places here to buy products please share....

thanks in advance
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