August 18th, 2003

a sad day.

yesterday was a sad day.
i shaved off my dreddies.
but not too sad cuz i like my shaved-ness.
*BUT* i doooo plan on growing new onez =D
so ttfn to this loverly community. for now >=)
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Hey all

I joined the community last night, here's a bad picture of me:

Collapse )

You can't really see it on that pic but I've been worried lately about how bald my hair is appearing on top, I'm not actually worried that I am bald up there just that it appears so because no dreads seem to be starting from there anymore, it's all a load of random hair. I'll try and get a photo soon.

Sometimes I get tempted to cut it all off, have it short for a while, grow it longer and then dread again but I don't look good with short hair anymore. I don't wanna go back to that.
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