August 20th, 2003

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i havent washed my hair in a really long time..i've been swimming a whole bunch of times with it, but havent used soap because my scalp sems to itch alot a couple of days after i wash it, and im not cool with the itching..

it cant be that bad that i dont wash my hair, it doesnt smell funky..i mean i can smell it..but it doesnt bother me.

so the question is should i wash my hair?


Hey, im new here, but i've been looking at everything and loving the advice and the pictures, their very helpful. but i have dreads now and for probably 7/8 monthes or so..have to check and see for sure the exact month (pathetic that i dont know since they're important to me) but anyways.. i just wanted to say hi and ask you how you felt about rubberbands and how they effect your dreads? i've read a lot of posts, but nothing about rubberbands. i also really like the idea of sewing/threading dreads, i think im gonna do that later tonight so my school pictures look awsome. thanks & peace, renee.
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im so excited! alex is getting dreads in his hair and he just left and i was teaching him what to do, so i hope everything works out. and then my good friend from kansas wants dreads and i told him when he comes and visits im going to put them in his hair :D
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hey everyone...
I've had my dreads for about 13 months now and some of them are really straight and smooth, but then some of them (because of my naturally curly hair) are all kinky and wavy and bumpy and stuff. is there a way to get them to be straight too? or is it too late since I've had them for awhile and they're all tight and stuff.
thanks a buuuuuuuuunch! :)

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I had some pretty makeshift dreads (basically my two months unwashed hair sewed up and scrunched with pieces of string, wire, yarn and other random shit shoved into them) for a couple months and then later I had some crappy dreads (basically my horribly fried hair teased up and held together with grease). Pictures are under the cut if you're interested in seeing my disasters.

I have finally decided that I want actual dreads, but I don't want to give up dying my hair crazy colors. I looked back a bunch of entries and didn't see anything, so forgive me if this question has been asked do you successfully bleach and dye dreads? I refuse to believe you do it like you would normal hair.

I also want them to be lots of itty bitty dreads all friend that's doing them is really good at it, but he's never done them as small and tight as I want them, so any tips I can use for that? Thanks in advance :)

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