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finally pictures [22 Aug 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | bored ]

well, i figured i should post some pictures up since i've been in this community for a little while, i don't have any pictures yet of me with finished dreads. so here are two of them almost doneCollapse )

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[22 Aug 2003|01:02am]
(man, i got to do something about my roots lol)
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New Adventures in Hair Dye ;) [22 Aug 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I died my dreads black last night, they look great! It makes them not look half as messy as they did before when they were various stages between bleached and brown. Photos will come providing I can get this little camera working...

Well, I have work to do or no 2nd year of uni for me...

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[22 Aug 2003|10:58pm]
just saw pirates of the carribian, what a dread fest...
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[22 Aug 2003|11:10pm]
Out of curiosity, why do you have dreadlocks?
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