August 28th, 2003



today as i was walking across the street to work, a SUV full of teenage boys chugged past blasting rap music & one of them yelled out the window - "wash your hair".... i thought to myself, "well actually i just washed it today, thank you very much" & i entertained the thought of throwing my raspberry iced tea & their gas guzzler, but i figured i would appreciate it later on in the nite....

*erg* = ~:-P
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    the whisptering wind outside my window

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Well, I finally decide to dye all my dreadlocks red. But a wine red, not too dark, but not too light. Maybe like fugged. So someone could help me and tell me what colors I must use ?
thx :)
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Ive got new photos, my dreads are almost 3 months old. Very babydreaddies:( but they are growing very fast, so thats a positivw thing! The photos arent very clear, but you'll have to do it with this!:P

So this it!

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I hate to take a moment out of your time but does anyone know a good place online to buy turbans and such?


P.S. I hate when I don't type this in the right journal and people look at me funny.