August 30th, 2003

an observation about visible oiliness

one thing that i was worried about when i was first contemplating dreads was that i wouldn't be able to wash my hair as often. my hair is the type that needs to be washed every day or it gets super-oily; if i miss only one day it is noticeably greasy.

i've had my dreads in for nine days now, and haven't washed them yet (i was told by a few different people to leave it as long as possible before washing for the first time). yet, my hair doesn't really appear oily at all! this is excellent. i always hated that i had to wash my hair every day, because it seemed like such a chore and a waste of shampoo, water (extra showering time), etc. now, once my dreads are settled in, i'll only be washing them maybe once or twice a week!

this just keeps getting better and better :)
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After A Shower

I've had my dreads for a year in November. So they're at a point right now where they are locking but not quiet there yet. But i've noticed that after I take a shower my dreads are kinda of limp and some of the loose hair come out. This drives me crazy beccause I have to do a decent amount of work on them afterwards. I even put my dreads up in a towel so they can dry faster (i've heard that its not good for dreads to have water in them for a long time unless its salt water)

So my question is: Is there anything that will help my dreads from not becoming limp or anything like that?
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A question about my hair lenght!

Here's the problem. I've been contemplating dreads for about, ohh, 2 and a half maybe 3 years but I've loved them since I was a little kid. I allways plan on doing them but then I cut my hair.
Well Finnally my hair started to get a tad long and then... I got it cut. :( I know you can start dreads rather short but I want to know if I start mine rather soon would they look like anything or just mini nappies. :/ I have a picture of what my hair looks like right now in my journal user info so if any of you lovely nice people would go and look at it(because im kinda lazy tonight) and tell me what you think I should do I would appreciate it so so much!
Thanks for any help in adavnce.
Peace and Unity
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not a complete virgin no more

made my first lil dreddie tonite :) unfort he can't stay in. i can't have dreds till after my pics are taken. but i luv him. i can tell its gonna be a long process to do the head but it will be worth it. i have a few questions for u all:

1. did u do your dreds yourself or have a friend or saloon?
2. what method did u use
3. are u a waxer?
4. whats your advice

i hope to do mine soon....i can't wait. i will DEF have em for the end of november tho.