September 1st, 2003

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Dear Dread heads,

For some odd reason my boyfriend has been sneezing everytime he came around me. I wasnt wearing no perfume or sented lotion, and i use the same soap as he does. So i thought it was my deodarant, well, today i put on his deodarant and he was still allergic to me. Comes to find out its my HAIR!!!!..theres nothing in my hair, i have to give my dreads a GOOD SCRUB A DUB! yup yup
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ok, sorry for the stupid question, but i never seem to get it right.
how how HOW do you wrap a hair wrap around your dreads?
i always end up looking like i have a bag on my head.
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This Will Not Help

rootsnatty: (Link:
rootsnatty: straight heads defending their insta-dread methods.
mnkyby: you use insta dreads dont' ya
rootsnatty: lol
mnkyby: jameridreads!
rootsnatty: you know. I know straight haired people who have dreads the old fashion way
mnkyby: I have no doubt
mnkyby: mine would naturally go
rootsnatty: psalm's dreaded. I never thought he would ever dread
rootsnatty: he's is straight as his moms.
rootsnatty: so no combing does work
mnkyby: dip your head in honey, twist, leave. how tough can it be?
mnkyby: ;-)
rootsnatty: and he had wet hair, and all that jazz reason the insta-dreads give
rootsnatty: lol
rootsnatty: i think braids would make it happen faster
rootsnatty: but, once again. no combs
rootsnatty: just time, passing
rootsnatty: these folks are trying to cut the process down to hours instead of months........... but during those months something happens to you
rootsnatty: something changes inside you, the way you think and feel
mnkyby: I wouldnb;'t know
rootsnatty: you learn patience, trust and distrust
rootsnatty: you get prepared for the looks
rootsnatty: and for the shine
mnkyby: and how everyone tries to put a djembe in your hand
rootsnatty: LOL, asshell. you are crazy......
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ok here is my problem for letting your hair dread naturaly. as it appears youd think i have good hair for natural dreading. is really shaggy and messy and curly. well i go months at a time without brushing my hair (i do run my fingers threw it, but mainly i just pat it down). i get up and shower and then shake my hair to get the extra water out. months of doing that and not one tangle. i went without the shaking of the hair for weeks all it did was make my hair look really bad, but with no tangles. my hair is only about 5 inches. but heres the deal, if you want to dread it naturaly then i dont see how you can do it till your hair is really long. plus here is the other thing. everyones all uptight about natural dreads, well first off to do it the way everyone calls natural id have to walk around with nasty hair for while before it even started to look like dreads. not exactly something i want to do. second. whats so unnatural about backcombing and useing wax? wax is natural, and backcomging is chemical free. just some thoughts.

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okay, i washed my dreads today for the first time and i got all these bumps on a lot of my roots. is this normal and will go away or do i have to do something to keep the roots smoother?

hi all

I just joined and am curious on how many of you have baby dreads. Ya know, week old dreads? Anyway, I just want to make sure that mine are developing properly at these early gentle stages. Thanks for any possible help.
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