September 4th, 2003

cervelle d'oiseau

just wanted to share tonight's story

tonight i went to a cool bar where i love to go and the barman had dreads. it's a small bar and he was often walking around me and every single time we smiled to each other as if both of us were a part of a nice big family.. :)

and btw i put a pic because i love to read posts with pictures and i guess you feel the same :P

i found a transparent dye with glitters in..
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two thoughts... one when i first joined this comminity every day it was someone new gettings dreads. now its like everyday its someone else getting rid of their dreads... makes me sniffle... second thought. hope this isnt offensive to anyone. but i dont like the idea of dieing your dreads. i mean its a natural hairstyle, so why dye them? whatever though, i mean that goes for me. i dont think its wrong for anyone to i just personaly wouldnt. (side note: why are dreads always died really really read lol???) anyway yeah much love for all the dyed dreads. just my personal belief for my dreads (if i ever get them lol)
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i didnt mean to sound like such a jerk earlier. i think dyeing dreads are cool. just not something id do. and as i recently saw with my last post, most people are into the very natural dreads, which made me wonder why so many people had dyed dreads. but yeah i dig the died dreads. i find fugged's dreads to be hot stuff. so yeah sorry if i sound like a prick. i tend to do that if i dont re-read over the stuff i type cuz i tend to think alot fasthing then i can type...