September 7th, 2003

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went to a rally at union square yesterday against the patriot act and the '04 r.n.c, it was a street party, lots of dreadheads there

it was really fun

just felt like letting you guys know :)
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I've finished a charcoal drawing of a friend of mine who has dreads, and I'm liking how it turned out:


Click on the image for a bigger image. It's 18" x 24" in size.

Just thought I'd share. =)
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i've had dreads before a few times but always ended up taking them out.. no upkeep.. and they never tightened permanently...

my hair used to be pretty thick but now it's so damaged that it's thin.. i've lost a lot of hair.

now i want them back and permanently this time... my friend has beautiful fat dreads and has offered to do them for me but she has tried to talk me out of it because she said my hair is too thin and i'll only have like 10 dreads and they'll be thin (she has 56 dreads... she's greek and has really thick hair)

do any of you have the thin hair problem? how did your dreads come out? should i go for it or should i leave my hair alone...
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For as long as I've had my locks, they've been unadorned (although, at first there was some colour to them). Lastnight, that all changed.

I was at a party and a friend but a bone bead onto a lock. Now I don't think it'll come out. It looks not bad, will take some getting used to.

Any tips on washing ones hair with beads in it?

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hi, i'm new. :)

i just had some questions concerning dreads.. and maybe i'm misinformed or unedcuated, but either way, i'm curious.

i've had really thick hair all my life and i've always wanted dreads. but my main concern was not wanting/liking them once i got them and having to shave my head to get rid of them. and my other concern was patches of hair falling out from the dreads. i could be very much misinformed so i figured this would be a good community to ask. :) i live in a very small town and there's not much culture anywhere around me so it's hard to know about this stuff. i'll probably have to travel a ways to even get dreads done if i decide to get them.

anyway. have any of you experienced any of your dreads just falling out completely? and is there a way to let dreads grow out or put some sort of oil/conditioner in the hair to make the dreads come out when i no longer want them? and also, is it better to get dreads done when hair is shorter, like shoulder length, or is it better to get dreads done when the hair long, like down the back?

any help/comments would be appreciated. thanks. :)

im new

so, im thinking about getting love to have them, im just not sure if ill stick with working on them and everything. anyway, id like some suggestions/recommendations on products, methods, etc. oh, and if it matters, i have thick, blonde hair that is pretty short, maybe to my chin, a little shorter in the back.