September 9th, 2003

SouthPark Me

TO Dreds

Reading eggplant lovas (or a name similar to that, tragically sorry about my equally tragic memory) has caused me to come to a conclusion.

There seem to be lots of people with dreds or dred-like hair in this groups from Toronto.

That's well cool.

We should all meet up and have a partay or something. Drink some martinis, play some dominos, pass around a hookah pipe or two, or something something. All you Hamiltonians and York Region type people could come down too. We could chill on the islands and have hair fights and stuff and stuff.

Just thinkin...
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Hey everyone! I don't have dreads :( I would really like to have dreads but unfortunatly I work in a small town diner in the middle of the bible belt. I have heard so many nasty remarks concerning the dishwasher's dreads that I've decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to grow some yet. These comments were pretty nasty and it would probably decrease the amount of tips I make, which aren't anything to shout about anyway. So I wanted to join because my boyfriend is here (NghtChyld), and it seems like there is a lot of really nice people here. More then I've seen in any community in a long while. So if you don't mind I would love to stay! I look foward to seeing all of your lovely dreads!

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Hey there again all of you twisty haired people. Well, my first few attempts to post pictures and videos on this site failed miserably. So I will leave that to the professionals like fugged, gryn, badawadabingban, and all of the others as well who are much more skillful than I. If you want cool pictures and art, steer clear of MY jornal. However, for those of you who like music I would like to put up this link.
I am the bassist in this band and we started this band back in high school. It is now in limbo since our guitarist no longer lives in the same city :-( but that just means Im not gonna try to keep promoting or selling any of our band merchandise to you. I just wanted everyone to hear it if they could because I like this community and would love feedback, either good or bad.
Thank You. {steps away from soap box} {slips, falls and knocks over wine rack... Jumps up... YES! nobody noticed! Struts away confidently}

PS Hopefully I did the links correctly this time, but you never know....

PPS The content of the music is humorous but slightly twisted so if you think you are at the wrong link.... You're probably not.... Peace out everyone
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what type of comb do you guys recommend for starting dreads by backcombing? suggestions on where to get a good one?

also, is washing new dreads twice a week too much? i typically take showers twice a week, so do i need to wash them less frequently or what?

would wearing some kind of hat(maybe a knit beanie) make the dreads lock up faster or would it not have an effect(i think i read somewhere that it would help, but im not sure)?

any other beginner tips?

HIya all

yeah.. sorry i haven't gotten around to actual making a post yet But Here i am.. all hot and Knotty!! LOL.. Not really, but i do try at least!

Peace ya'll... Happy Dreading!! MMMM DREADS RAWK HARD!!!!