September 10th, 2003


itchy scalp?

my scalp itches like crazy.
what is the easiest and less cost way you have found to cure head itches?

i'm sure this has been over and over a million times here, so i apologize, but thank everyone in advance for their awnsers. :)

p.s. how many other dreadlock communities does anyone know of?
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ive had my locks in for about 6 months, i was thinking of getting them fixed up professionally which the place in new york calls it "dread maintenance" the place is called hair police ( i was wondering if any of you know anything about this place or if you have had your dreads fixed up before and regretted it.

soothe your scalp

so I know the dry itchy scalp problem has been discussed here a few times, and I wanted to share something I have been doing and seems to work really well.
Just mix filtered water, aloe vera juice(not the kind you drink, but the kind from the health food store that is watery and thin), and a few drops of lavendar or tea tree oil in a plastic squeeze bottle. (an old mustard or ketchup bottle would work) Just squeeze it right onto your scalp, and rub it in. It feels best if you keep it in the fridge. Do be careful how much oil you put in, both tea tree and lavendar are antibacterial and can burn your skin.
It feels great, and it doesn't leave your whispy hair oily or caked with goo.


I'm new, I'm Melissa.. this is my third set of dreads.
I started my first set at 14(10 years ago) mom didn't like the fact that I didn't brush my hair.
The second set I started 4 years ago and had to cut them off for employment.
This set is with me for life.
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ok i have a question is ther any one here thats at least 21 or older with dreads and if so where do you work cuz i really need to get a job and im lost i cant find anything.