September 17th, 2003

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Hair. It's "just hair." but it's an extension of myself. I always feel the urge to change it dramatically during times of great transition. When I started high school, I cut off my long hair for the first time. At the end of senior year, I finally got dreadlocks. They made me happy. I felt secure knowing that I had these... plantlike things on my head, ever-growing, ever-morphing, yet ever-existing plaits. And now that I've been at college for a month... I feel like they've served their purpose for me, almost as a security blanket of hair, and I keep dreaming about cutting them off. I enjoy having dreads, but I've embarked on a totally free, new way of life. I would just chop them off... but I'd like to have a little bit of length to play around with. does anyone have any tips for combing out dreads? I worry that the hair is extremely damaged underneath it all, I tend to have frizzy curly hair. (i've had dreads anywhere from 4-8 months) My friend is happy to help me, I just don't know how to go about doing it. should I soak my head in conditioner first, or what? thanks guys...
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